Submit a Pull Request

Now our computer (local) files and our fork (remote) on GitHub match. Let's submit our changes to DIY to be added to the original. We're requesting they pull our changes into their files.

You do this part online. If you go to your forked repo on GitHub's website, you'll see a button near the top right - Pull Request, click this.

click pull request

You'll be taken to a page that shows DIY's original on the left and your fork on the right. Fill out the form to describe to DIY what it is you're suggesting they add and then click Send pull request.

Now DIY staff will get an alert of your request, be able to see your changes and merge them into the original. When the next user forks or pulls and update of this repo, they'll get your updates too!

pull request

WOW! You've just forked, cloned, pulled, pushed and pull requested like an open source programming pro!

This walk through was long, but we did a lot of setting up. Now, if you wake up one day with some story inspiration, all you need to do is use Bash to navigate back to your folder and pull any updates that have been made since you last checked the files:

git pull upstream master

Then open up the text file and make changes. Save your changes and then:

git push origin master

Next, go to your GitHub page for the repo and select Pull Request. You've done it again!

We've got a couple other files on this repo that need your imput, too. Check them out!

To complete the challenge, upload a screenshot of your Pull Request on!