Create a Repo on GitHub

Get a GitHub Account

First things first, create a free account on If you're under 13, you'll need a parent's email and help to set up the account.

Exploring GitHub

Parts of the page:

  1. Organization Companies and organizations have accounts on GitHub to keep their projects together.
  2. Members Are the GitHub users that contribute to an organizations projects. They are sometimes employees or others close to the organization.
  3. Repository These are projects on GitHub, they contain all the project's instructions and files. Often people say "repo," short for repository. Public repos are open source!

GitHub organization page

Elements of the repo list:

GitHub repo

Explore the Repo

Go to and click the repo named open-sourcerer. Now you're on the page for this repo. You can see the files inside the repo, the gives you instructions for using the project and you can see when changes have been made to the files, these are called commits.

diy repo

Create a Repo

To create a new repo, go to your account page:

click new repo

  1. Click the new repo button near the top left of your menu
  2. Give your repo a name and short description
  3. Keep 'Public' selected
  4. Check to initialize with a README
  5. Click Create Repository


Awesome! Now you've created your very own repo.

Edit a File

You can actually edit files right in! Click the linked blue filename, Next, click Edit.

You've now got a text box that you can type directly into. Once you've made changes, add a short commit summary. This is your commit message that summarizes the changes you've made. Then click commit changes!

To complete the challenge, upload a screenshot of your first repo!