DIY's First Guide

We created this guide to walk you step by step through using Git and Github - really useful tools in open source. At the same time, it is walking you through completing all of the challenges for the Open Sourcerer Skill!

To complete the challenge you'll learn the tools of the trade, Git and GitHub and edit DIY's open source projects!

  • Git is software that helps manage your code. It allows you to see the changes that you've made, called diffs, and undo changes when you've saved mistakes!
  • GitHub makes Git social. With GitHub you can put your code online and share it with others. Users can create new projects and work together on projects -- making something better, together. Like the Petigraffe below!

You'll find video instructions as well as written ones - and by the end of the challenges you'll know how to suggest your own improvements to this guide!

What is Open Source?

git cryptozology

Open Source is a phrase used to describe sharing how you made something. When you show someone on DIY how you made your project, you're open sourcing that project!

The phrase is most commonly used to refer to code and programing. The code that makes up a project is its source code and when you open that source code up to everyone, showing them how the project was made, the code becomes open source - which is great because everyone can work together and learn from each other!